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  • Vacuum Circuit Breaker Tester VWT-0306
Vacuum Circuit Breaker Tester VWT-0306

Vacuum Circuit Breaker Tester VWT-0306



JB8738-1998vacuum interrupter arc chamber of 3.6-40.5KV AC high voltage switchgearestablished by high-voltage switchgear National Standardization Technical Committee, it is prescribed that the internal gas pressure measurement and allowable storage time limit inspection must be executed for any user and producer of interruption arc chamber of high-voltage vacuum switchgear. At the same time, in National Standardization -JB8738-1998, it is also noticed that allowable storage time limit of interruption arc chamber should be 20 years, and internal gas pressure of the vacuum interrupter arc chamber should be less than 6.6×10-2Pa.


Inspection methods of Allowable Storage Time of Vacuum Interrupter Arc Chamber: measuring internal gas pressure of vacuum interrupter arc chamber should be with a pulsed magnetic vacuum meter, recode the pressure value P1 (Pa); after put the vacuum meter aside for period of time-t(d), measure the internal gas pressure of vacuum interrupter arc chamber with this vacuum meter again, and recode the pressure value P2 (Pa), holding time t should be less than 7d. By the following formula, the allowable storage time of vacuum interrupter arc chamber can be calculated:


VWT-0306 vacuum tester for vacuum switchgear is the latest generation of products of my company, it is the upgrade product in the base of vacuum meter on the foundation of notion from the field user. The vacuum tester has some features-higher measurement accuracy, better stability, more capacity.

For vacuum circuit breaker, the method of determining whether or not deterioration of the vacuum tube is inspection with the method of frequency withstand voltage, but this method only distinguish the vacuum interrupter arc chamber of the serious deterioration. When the vacuum of vacuum interrupter arc chamber degrade to 10-2-10-1 Pa, although the breakdown voltage is not reduced, but the interrupter arc chamber has failed. In the vacuum tester for vacuum switch, the new field coils were used, and with the magnetron discharge method the vacuum of the vacuum interrupter arc can be measured without disassembling the interrupter arc chamber. At the same time, the vacuum tester also used computer for synchronous control, data acquisition and processing, and the sensitivity of the vacuum tester in the field test of the vacuum interrupter arc chamber is 10-5Pa. The most prominent feature of this instrument is to use the new excitation coils and data processing methods to achieve the non-demolition measurement of vacuum. The instrument is practical, easy to use, easy to operate, high precision measurement without disassembly, widely used in electric power, steel, petrochemical, textile, coal, railways, and other trades using the vacuum switch.

Technical Parameters


1.Detection objects: various models of vacuum switch

2.Detection method: using new excitation coil and detect vacuum tube without


3.Application area: This instrument is a all-purpose type, can measure the vacuum of

variety models of open magnetic vacuum tube.

4.Detection range: 10-5-10-1 Pa

5.Measurement accuracy: 10-5-10-4 Pa, 15%

10-4-10-3 Pa, 15%

10-3-10-2 Pa, 10%

10-2-10-1 Pa, 10%

6.Magnetic field voltage: 1700V

7.High-voltage of pulsed electric field: 30KV

8.Open distance of switch tube in vacuum test: normal open distance

9.Testing environment: -20℃~ 40℃

10.Weight: 24kg

11.Dimension: 420 × 320 × 280 (mm)

12.Sampler: magnetic coil



1. Magnetic coil:       1 unit            

2. Special test wires:   1 set (5 pieces)             

3. Coil lanyards:       1 unit            

4. Power Line:         1 unit                 

5. Elastic straps:       1 unit

6. Ribbon:             1 unit

7. Printing paper:       2 units

8. Instruction manual:   1 unit

9.Calibration           1 unit


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